Institutes & Labs

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  1. Key Laboratory of Opto-electronic Information Technology, Ministry of Education


  2. Laboratory of Manufacturing Technology


  3. Biomedical Photonic Imaging Laboratory


  4. Laboratory for optoelectronic technology and optical fiber sensing


  5. Opto-Electronic Imaging & Measuring Technology Laboratory


  6. Center of Micronano Manufacturing Technology


  7. Analytical techniques & Instruments Lab


  8. Ultrafast Laser Laboratory


  9. Precision measuring instruments and new sensing laboratory


  10. Center for Terahertz Waves of Tianjin University


  11. Neural Engineering & Rehabilitation Lab of Tianjin University


  12. Traditional Chinese Medicine Engineering Laboratory


  13. Integrated Opto-electronics Laboratory


  14. Fiber Nonlinear Photonics


  15. Micro Optical Electronic Mechanical System Technology Laboratory


  16. The Institute of Laser & Opto-Electronics


  17. Photonic Systems Laboratory


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