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The School of Precision Instrument and Opto-electronics Engineering has 223 teachers, including 58professors, 63associate professors, two academicians and 73 doctoral student supervisors. Among these teachers, there are four young experts with outstanding distributions, two persons of the first and second level of Millions of Talent Engineering, five engaged professors with “Changjiang Scholar Award Plan”, two persons of “New-century Scholars”, two teachers with “Haihe Scholar of Tianjin” and eight middle and young-age titled experts of Tianjin Municipality. The College also has dozens of young teachers with doctor degree, as well as teachers who studied abroad and then returned to our country. The College includes six subjects which have authority to award the Degree of Master and PHD: Measuring Technology and Instrument, Optical Engineering, Precision Instrument and Mechanism, Physical Electricity, Opto-electronics Technology and Biomedical Engineering, and two initial state key subjects: Optical Instrument and Measuring Technology and Instrument. Also, there are three state level-1 subjects: Optical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology and Biomedical Engineering, all of which have been set up postdoctoral research stations. Ministry of Education granted following five subjects to possess engaged professors: Optical Engineering, Measuring Technology and Instrument, Physical Electricity, Precision Instrument and Mechanism and Biomedical Engineering.

The scientific research work of the College has always been active, the College undertakes many key projects funded by State Scientific Technology Overcome, 863 high-tech, State Natural Science Fund, the Scale Plan, International Cooperation and various provinces and ministries. The scientific research funds are nearly ten million RMB and the School gains about 90 awards of State Scientific Progress, State Invention and various provinces and ministries, thus wins many social and economic benefits. The College issues more than 2800 papers in scientific periodicals and conferences within five recent years. All of these scientific researches promote professional abilities of the teachers. Many professors hold concurrent posts in many scientific organizations and enjoy higher reputation among home and abroad.

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